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Harmful fats in farmed fish

Our astute medical editor, Robert Rountree, MD, just sent me a very interesting article about healthy vs. unhealthy fats in fish. Turns out, according to brand new results from a Wake Forrest study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, some widely consumed farmed fish may not give you as much of those super healthy omega-3s as you think.

We've been told again and again to "eat more fish!" And rightfully so: The American diet is woefully low in omega-3 fatty acids. We also need to watch our intake of omega-6s, which in excess promote inflammation. According to the study, if you're eating certain farmed fish, you may not be doing your body any favors. Although farmed Atlantic salmon retained ample omega-3s, farmed talapia and catfish had very low concentrations of omega-3s and elevated levels of omega-6s.

For the record, I wouldn't go for farmed Atlantic salmon, either. Aside from the environmental pitfalls of fish farms, as noted in Katy's blog post yesterday, farmed salmon's PCB and other toxin contamination levels are "considerable," according to Seafood Watch and the latest seafood data from Environmental Defense. For health and sustainability, sardines might not be a bad choice!

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