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Healthier Halloween treats

halloween candy As a health-conscious parent, Halloween can be a little scary... scary to think that our ghouls, princesses, and power rangers might potentially consume pounds of refined sugar, artificial coloring, and unhealthy fats over the next week or so! And even more scary to think of the consequences of sugar overload: cue the crying, whining, and sibling hitting...

For my kids, I've noticed that unrefined fruit-sugar treats do seem to have a different effect than traditional refined-sugar candies. They don't have nearly the negative impact on blood sugar. And products made with less-refined sugars also tend to have less of the other bad stuff like artificial dyes, preservatives, and trans fats. If I can't control what my munchkins collect on trick-or-treat night, at least I can give out treats I feel good about. Here are two we're giving out at our door this year.

Fruitabu Organic Smooshed Fruit Rolls. These come in fun roll-out strips that kids love to peel and eat. Made with 100% organic fruit purees and juice concentrates, they come in apple, strawberry, or grape.

Snyder's of Hanover 100-calorie Pack Pretzels. We experimented giving these out last year (trick or treaters had a choice between these or Twizzlers). To our surprise, almost all of the kids chose the pretzels! Plus, I don't feel I have to toss any leftovers.

For more ideas, check out this great Delicious Living article: Trick or treat, healthier sweets. And if you have a favorite healthier-for-you treat, share it with us by adding your comments below!

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