Hey, hey, hey, what's Tappening?


Hey blogoholics: Even if you haven't read about Tappening on the multitudes of blogs and mags where it's recently made an appearance, we know you've been following the bad buzz surrounding water and plastic bottles. (Maybe you even remember when we scooped the mainstream media with our 2006 story on bisphenol A [BPA] or our story about artist Chris Jordan's impactful, eco-driven photographs.)

I digress. If you want to find out about how we, as individuals, can make a difference when it comes to waste and our health, check out Tappening -- a one-stop shop for BPA-free water bottles, recycled-plastic bags, water news, and trivia. Plus, the site has some really convincing info about why to switch to tap water and the quality of your local water supply. Cheers.

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