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Shara Blog

Holy Health Food

‘Tis the season for some people to give up favorite foods for religious reasons. Catholics cut some favorite morsel off the menu for Lent. Jews are getting ready to matzo-fy their meals. But behold, the combination of two new natural products may delivery unto thee a perfectly holy balanced snack.

First, sin.

They come in seven flavors.

The 7 Deadly Sins chocolate truffles come in all your favorites, from lust to sloth. Chocolatiers at the Bay City, Mich. Sweet Boutique matched premium chocolate with iconic flavors. Bacon and peanut butter pack the gluttony truffle. Greed is a dark chocolate truffle infused with essence of scotch and cigar, sprinkled with gold dust.

Next. Bible study, er, savor.

What would Jesus eat if he were training for a marathon – or simply hit a low-energy lull between miracles? Surely, the Bible Bar. This goody from Orlando, Fla.-based House of David is made from the seven foods God called good in Deuteronomy: wheat, barely, vines (raisins), figs, pomegranates, olive oil and honey.

So, a few sinful truffles with a Bible Bar chaser might provide some holy equilibrium.

Because, remember as you go forth and eat, whether your religion is Jewish, Christian, Buddhist or Organic, balance is holy.

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