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How to become a locavore


In 2007, "locavore" was the word of the year in the Oxford American Dictionary. Referring to someone who favors locally produced food over food that has been produced in other regions, locavorism is easy to follow with these tips.

Talk to your grocer. Let your local supermarket know that buying locally grown produce and meat is important to you, and ask where they currently source specific items from.

Pick the essentials. Don't try to go off Chilean apples cold turkey. Rather, choose five feasible foods to focus on. It might be honey produced in the town nearby or oranges grown in the United States versus Mexico -- remember that "local" has many meanings! Some common local foods no matter where you live: herbs, lettuce, meat, eggs, and milk.

Find restaurants that use local ingredients. Ask your favorite restaurants where they source ingredients. Or check out Local Harvest's listing of restaurants in your area that feature organic and local cuisine.

Preserve fresh foods. OK, it's pretty hard to do this in January, when much of the country isn't able to subsist on seasonal foods. But keep it in mind for the warmer months. Then check out our recipes to find out how to can, jar, or preserve fruits and veggies.

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