How much plastic are you providing?

I heard the other day that our Editor's daughter was writing letters to companies requesting they lower the amount of plastic they are using for their packaging. She's eight years old.

I thought, if a kid can be so attentive to the eco footprint caused by these packages, retailers should be able to do the same. Naturals retailers should be the stewards of the green movement and loading shelves with more plastic than product is definitely sending the wrong message.

In the U.K., plastic packaging accounts for 53 percent of all materials used to contain products. Only 23 percent of these plastic packages were recycled in 2001, as well. Which means, 30 percent of all packages produced wind up in a landfill after one use.

That's pretty scary considering where our planet is headed.

Are you making an effort to educate your customers on recycling their plastic bottles, tubs, and buckets? Are you, as a store, recycling and composting everything you can? Why not? It's been said you can save tons of money on garbage costs by doing your part for the environment. Stop talking the talk and start walking the (green) walk.

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