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How will you honor Earth Day?

guides_home2.jpgEach morning when I look out our office window, I see a breathtaking tree decorated with white blossoms, towering with a quiet persistence next to the courthouse. No one seems to know what type of tree this is; what we do know is that when we need it most, when the chaos of daily life comes close to blocking our view, it is a reminder to take a step back and care for our health and our Earth. In honor of April 22, Earth Day, find your own reminder, and try out some of Delicious Living's top ways to celebrate Mother Nature, from vegan recipes to green living tips.

Try out the flavor-packed recipes in our April food feature, A Vegan Feast. Animal agriculture and its waste are the biggest sources of water and air pollution in this country and vast majority of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis, and autoimmune disorders are all negatively impacted by a meat-centered diet. These mouthwatering Mediterranean-inspired recipes include Baby Greens, Heirloom Tomato, and Basil Salad; Italian Harvest Vegetable Soup; Roasted Baby Artichokes with Cici-Beans and Sun-Dried Tomatoes; and Chocolate Mocha Cheesecake.

Green every part of your life with Delicious Living's Green Guide. Our free downloadable guide provides green living basics, from groceries to flea collars, bedding to sunscreens. We'll explain what to buy (and not buy) and what you need to know to live a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. So go ahead, green up!

Learn how to eat seasonally with our Beginner's Guide to Seasonal Eating. Eating in accordance with what’s in season in your particular region has many advantages, including more nutritional value and less fuel and waste in the environment.

Plant a potted herb garden. We have the tips to grow potted herbs that will yield an array of homegrown results–that are good enough to eat. No green thumb required!

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