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I'll take my baby products without added sugar, please

Since becoming a mom last January, my life has been a series of detours.

The planned path: No pacifier! But after a minute of watching my baby wail “under the lights” for jaundice therapy, I changed directions.

The planned path: No “cry it out” sleep training! But after months of poor sleep for both of us and plenty of crying along the way (for both of us), I changed directions.

One thing I haven’t veered off course about (yet!), however, is nutrition. I’m still fueling myself and my baby on as much wholesome, organic food and pure supplements as possible. Yet, this dedicated natural products shopper has hit some roadblocks along the way.

When my baby was born, I decided to supplement with vitamin D drops. I found only one brand—thank you, Carlson—that didn’t have added sugar.

When my baby was cutting teeth, I debated whether to feed him soothing teething biscuits. Every single brand I came upon—yes, these were the “organic” and “natural” lines—contained added sugar. It was as if manufacturers were saying, “Bad, baby, no biscuit!”

When my son was developing his pincer grasp, I wanted to introduce finger foods, perhaps even O-shaped cereals and snacks, for practice. Like with vitamin D, I hit upon only one brand—thank you, Happy Baby—that left out processed sugar.

I don’t have to explain to you, fair readers of this blog, why I wouldn’t want my baby to eat added, processed sugar.

To be sure, babies have a sweet tooth. (Just sample breast milk and you’ll understand.) But nutrient-rich fruit is plenty sweet for a treat. I’ve found that my boy gobbles up green veggies just as much as the fruit. And trust me, if you take one look at my 22-pound 8-month-old who is completely sugar free, you won’t imagine that he feels like he’s missing out on anything.

So here’s my challenge for natural products manufacturers: Try to formulate your goods without the sugar. There’s no need for it. And, retailers, stock these sugar-free foods and supplements. No doubt it’ll be good for business because chances are that I’m not the only mama who will buy up these goods, then repeat.

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