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Infographics Americas most wanted tobacco villains vs good guys putting them

Infographics: America's most wanted tobacco villains vs. good guys putting them out

Boulder, Colo. has been smoke free in restaurants and watering holes for as long as I can remember, and I believe we were among the first in the U.S. to put breathers' rights over those of smokers. Clearing the air even further, a smoking ban just went into effect for the Pearl Street Mall—that's an outdoor, walking mall and the proud location of New Hope Natural Media headquarters.

While this renown strip through the middle of our little health haven has been officially smoke free since mid-January, enforcers didn't start issuing fines until this week. I'm curious to see how it all goes over come the weekend, when the first wave of many bar goers makes its way outside and lights up, only to have their cig promptly chopped out of their hands.  

But seriously, good for us! I wonder how far we'll be able to take this... and how soon we'll be able to treat wind-sucking tourists to the cleanest air in America?

All it takes is a quick plane ride in any direction for a harsh reminder—some states aren't even there yet in terms of providing smoke-free enclosed environments. And if tobacco companies had their druthers, they'd puff it up a notch to the tune of kids taking drags in restaurants between sips of apple juice, according to these infographics, courtesy of The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

America's Most Wanted Tobacco VillainsWinning the Fight Against Tobacco

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