June is Social-Petworking Month!

image_027.jpg Adopt-aPet.com is a non-profit pet adoption service out of Los Angeles. They must have been eating some fortified kibble when they came up with this idea – “Social Petworking”. Social Petworking is a way of using all that time you spend on FaceBook, Myspace and Twitter to find homes for our furry friends.

“Social petworking is a grassroots way for pet lovers to actively spread the word about individual pets in local shelters who need homes,” said Pia Salk, Adopt-a-Pet.com spokesperson. “Using the power of tools like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and email, anyone can help save a life with just a few clicks of a mouse.”

Adopt-a-Pet.com has declared June social petworking month and are working towards their goal of petworking 30,000 homeless pets in 30 days.To participate in the campaign, Web users can go to Adopt-A-Pet.com and search for a pet being housed in a local shelter. By clicking on the “share” tool on the pet’s Web page, users can add the pet’s photo and information to their social networking page or email.

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