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Lessons from the fastest growing retailers!

First of all, here is the link to the story and list -

The list is the following:

• Apple Store
• PriceSmart (club stores in the Caribbean and Latin America)
• Urban Outfitters
• Netflix
• Chipotle Mexican Grill
• BJ’s Restaurants/Brewhouses
• Buffalo Wild Wings
• The Buckle (a midwestern clothing chain)
• Texas Roadhouse

At first blush, there doesn’t appear to be any reason for a natural products retailer to check out this story. This list is made up restaurants, clothing stores, Amazon, etc. – a group of fine companies, but not those even close to what we do.

Or are they that far away?

The Apple Store does a great job for two primary reasons. First, its products – there is nothing in the market that compares to them and to the loyalty that they generate. Secondly, its staff – they have people in their stores who are secondarily extraordinarily well-versed in their products. They are primarily outstanding at customer service. You cannot ask them a “stupid” question! They are very gracious – and obviously the product of very intense recruiting, selection and training.

(Can you now tell me that there isn’t something that we can learn from Apple?)

A few thoughts about Amazon…..

They “invented” on-line retailing – or became the company most identified with it. Since that time, how many others have started selling on-line? How many stores? How many brands? (Would it be a shorter list if we listed those that don’t sell on line?!?!) Even so, this many years later – Amazon is still number one. Their systems, their service, their communication are all the standards by which everyone else is measured. They are the “gold standard” in their marketplace.

Wow – a lot of learn from Amazon, as well!

We could walk through the balance of stores and businesses on this list – and glean things that they are doing right that we can put into practice in our stores! If you can gain one thing from this article and put into practice in your store or department, you've done well today!

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