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Let's ladder up

Let's ladder up

I have the privilege of taking the stage today (10:45 a.m., Anaheim Marriott Platinum Ballroom 7) with Carlotta Mast, Editor-in-Chief of both this website & Natural Foods Merchandiser, to discuss the state of affairs in the broader nutrition industry. This at a time when both industry leaders and aspirants come together for our big annual showcase at Expo West.

It should be fun. I hope it's thought-provoking. I hope the audience asks some tough questions. At Nutrition Business Journal, we've spent many hours and many pages navigating the macro trends driving this industry to some impressive growth rates, and this promises to be a special forum for sharing some of those insights with a broader audience.

When I look back on the past year, it seems so apparent to me that the real energy behind food reform in this country and across the globe is part and parcel of something bigger. "There's something happening here," as the song goes, and as that song continues, "what it is ain't exactly clear."

The State of the Industry

There are ladders up from the many significant trends we have talked about ad nauseum in this industry—healthcare systems in crisis, self-directed care focused on prevention rather than acute illness, fear of toxins and pathogens in the food supply, sustainable approaches to agriculture.

But the real story's much bigger, isn't it? It's political systems in obstinate states of lock down. It's technology and social networking rendering all sorts of dirty laundry transparent in an approach to capitalism that more and more citizens dare to call 'run amok.'

There are ladders up, and by climbing these ladders, we begin to see where the macro trends are taking us, not over the next quarter or year or even decade, but generationally.

The nutrition industry is more vital and vibrant than ever, and I’ve got the data to prove it. It’s also a major rung on the ladder up, and I consider myself lucky to be afforded some opportunity to study the business of food in detail.

Come to the ballroom on Saturday for a quick glimpse at the logic we continue to develop at NBJ to make sense of it all. If you can't make it, ask me for my slides—[email protected]—and peer with me up and over the ladder at the brave, uncertain world to come.

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