Mambino organic body care is yummy

youth glowkissable lips

Yes, I said "yummy." I'm licking my lips as I write -- in fact, I'm liking everything about this new line from LA aesthetician, Maki Maodus. Usually, I'm skeptical of products marketed to moms and babies, but Mambino's offerings are so delectable, even those of us of the non-Mom persuasion will be enticed. (To wit, I'm eager to try out the Mommy Time's Organic Body Wash -- it's refreshing mandarin scent would smell delicious on anyone of any age of any sex.)

From the grapefruit-scented Kissable Lips gloss's barely-there fragrance to the Youth Glow omega face treatment, Mambino's totally organic, vegan, paraben free product seems to be the real deal. I'm especially impressed with the easy-to-understand ingredient lists that include natural notables like vitamin E and organic essential oils. The only downside is that Mambino is available mostly in maternity stores and spas -- a travesty, if you ask me. The good news: Mambino has a shoppable website. Yummy.

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