Marketing not rocket science: Stop GE Salmon

Marketing not rocket science: Stop GE Salmon

It's not always about an app.  

The Center for Food Safety has printed over 100,000 GE salmon postcards for distribution that people can sign and send to the FDA.  And they are using list-serves to get the word out.

Talk about proper engagement.  Yes, they had the cost of printing the postcard (and sending them to people). But they also ensured that the people who are getting these postcards are really engaged in the issue.  And they got the word out for free to an active, engaged community, via the use of list-serve.

The moral of the story is, use your marketing dollars to engage people close to the point where they will take action. A no-brainer, right? After all, it's marketing, not rocket science.

For more information on the GE salmon issue visit the Center for Food Safety website.

(To get the postcard, email by next Wednesday, Oct 27 with how many you would like and where they should be sent).  


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