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Michael Pollan's new Food Rules

Michael Pollan’s latest book, Food Rules, was published yesterday. The aim, according to Pollan, is to show that “a healthy diet is a whole lot simpler than the food industry and many nutritional scientists -- what I call the Nutritional Industrial Complex -- would have us believe," Pollan says in an email blast to fans.

For the book, Pollan collected everyday rules for eating from doctors, chefs, readers, and himself. The result is 64 food rules that, Pollan says, you can read in an hour.

I admit: I’m enticed by the simplicity of Pollan’s food philosophy. I spend many of my days scanning research journals for proof that nutrient X or nutrient Y has effect 1 or effect 2. What I find are the cool discoveries that lead to new products, some of which you stock on your shelves. What I also find are contradictions and ever-changing results -- enough to drive a health editor batty.

Sometimes I throw up my hands and wonder if the effort to figure out nutrition is making any of us healthier or whether Pollan may be right, and we need to KISS: Keep it Simple, Silly. The answer: I dunno. What I do know is that like all of Pollan's other books, I will read this one. I'll crack it open right after I check PubMed for the newest research on nutrient Z.

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