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More on less meat

Once again, the NYTimes provides blog fodder ... this time an article by Mark Bittman, one of my favorite food writers, on HOW to eat less meat. Yes, we talk about WHY all the time, but he gets at the nitty gritty of the matter.

Check out the whole article, but if you want the abridged version, his suggestions include:

1. Forget the protein thing. In other words, stop worrying about whether you'll get enough protein. A balanced diet full of plant foods will provide plenty.

2. Buy less meat. As we all know by now, American portion sizes are way out of whack. I think we'll be addressing this more in coming DL recipes. But it's a tough one; even yesterday, at our monthly food tasting, which was completely vegetarian, a couple of us mentioned that our spouses/boyfriends wouldn't feel that the soup, salad, quinoa with veggies and nuts, and dessert would constitute a satisfying meal ... even though it had all the nutrients and tasted great. We're just so used to a big hunk o' meat.

3. Get meat out of the center of the plate. Make it more like a flavor accent than the main event. I recall a friend of mine, who grew up in a missionary family in Afghanistan, saying his mom fed their entire family of nine with 1 pound of meat.

4. Buy more vegetables and learn new ways to cook them. What better time than summer! It's Nature's time to do most of the cooking; not a lot of recipes or innovation needed.

Do you have ideas of your own? I'd love to hear them.

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