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My favorite hand creams

Around this time of year, I start to anticipate the dry hands that usually accompany hotter weather. True, Colorado is a super-dry place, but my guess is that no matter where you live, your digits could use some TLC this summer. That's why I've been so ecstatic about these recent hand-cream finds. Here are the hand-creams I can't do without.

Home Health Goji Berry Hand & Body Lotion: I'm not a girly girl, and this lotion has no froofy smell. In fact, it's totally fragrance free. Organic goji berries serve up plenty of antioxidants to nourish skin and help combat free radicals from sun exposure. But I love it for it's no-frills relief.

foot balmNZP Foot Balm: I know, I can't stop talking about NZP Naturals. But that's just because I can't stop slathering it on my body. Although technically a foot salve, this balm is a treat for cracking cuticles and knuckles. I imagine the smell is an acquired taste -- I happen to love it -- and it contains all sorts of healing moisturizers -- including vitamin E, New Zealand lanolin, aloe, and almond oil.

Queen Bee Sauce Butta Hand Cream for Gardeners: You know this thick hand cream is fresh and preservative free because it has an expiration date (usually around a year out). The light scent reminds me of freshly brewed herbal tea: spicy, minty, and soft -- all at once. Citronella essential oil will keep the bugs away. Queen Bee makes dozens of inventive lotions in their Pagosa Springs, Colorado, office. Worth checking out the website, for sure.

body butterGreen by Nature Almond Cocoa Body Butter: Of all the hand creams here, this has the strongest scent -- it smells yummy enough to eat, but you have to want to smell like coconut all day. The cool things about this product: It's paraben free, 95.32 percent natural, and Green By Nature is part of 1% For the Planet.

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