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My first cleanse

I'm on day two of my first nine-day cleanse. This is hour 40 of drinking water, a specially formulated juice, and eating only "snacks" -- quarter-size tablets that taste like undissolved hot chocolate. Can you hear the hunger in my cyber voice? The truth is, I feel okay. Not great, but stable. With my nutritionist's supervision, from Wednesday to Sunday I'll be eating "reasonable" meals, which aren't unlike what I usually eat (a protein, grain, and nutrient-rich green veggie), and supplementing with my normal multi-fish-oil-B-vitamins regimen. The last two days are fast days. Why am I doing this to myself, you ask? Well, it's all part of trying to feel less scatterbrained (okay, and maybe to loose a few pounds in the process). Regardless, I will be reporting in through my first cleanse to a) let you know how it's going b) get sympathy and c) vent. If you're feeling like you need to flush out your system but don't want to dive into a liquids-only extravaganza, check out how you can do an everyday detox -- just one of the stories in our growing archive of detox stories by entering cleanse or detox into the search box in the upper right corner of our homepage. And don't miss our incredibly tasty detox dinners -- fantastic even if you're not on a cleansing diet.

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