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NBJ's advice on NDIs

After conversations with a number of industry heavyweights, I have two messages for the CEOs, executives and owners of supplement industry businesses:

1.  Play the game. Don't get played. 

2.  Open your wallets, lest they be closed for you. 

Last year at The NBJ Summit, Benjamin Zander, worldwide thought leader on motivation and inspiration, and the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, delivered the opening keynote. 

The crux of his message for the CEOs in attendance was to battle the downward spiral of negative thinking by focusing on radiant positivity to drive organizational results. 

Now more than ever, as supplement industry leaders, we need to avoid the downward spiral and focus on spreading positive thinking. 

With only a very, very small chance the new Durbin Bill will pass, we must focus our attention and constructive efforts on the FDA's NDI Guidance. This needs the full force of industry's engagement. 

For supplement company CEOs, the best use of your efforts is in realizing that you need to "play the game." Get off the policy sidelines in order to have a hand in moving us to a positive industry result regarding NDIs.

No matter the guidance, this is still a political process. Don't be fooled. D.C. is a political arena, and our greatest gladiators will fight and win our battles. 

Who are these gladiators? Very simply, they are a combination of our hard working industry associations (CRN, NPA, UNPA, AHPA) and our greatest advocate, Senator Orrin Hatch. 

Why not Tom Harkin as well? He is certainly an advocate for our businesses, and deserves our support as well, but Senator Hatch is coming up for re-election, and he is in a tenuous election cycle.

Don't forget that just one year ago, Senator John McCain introduced a well-meant, but painfully misinformed and misguided piece of supplement legislation. With one phone call, Senator Hatch put this bill in its place—off the table. 

Donate to Hatch's re-election campaign by attending the fundraiser at Natural Products Expo East. Contact CRN for more details.

Don't panic. We've been preparing for this. Attend the industry NDI webinars, tele-conferences, seminars and conferences. Get educated on the issues. Read the guidance document. Have key members of your team read the guidance document.

Submit your thoughtful comments. Rally behind our associations. Donate to Hatch. 

Open your wallets, lest they be closed for you. 

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