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I suggest this because as each year’s show tops the one before it, it seems that we are running out of adjectives! Maybe we use the first letter of each and say that the show was “NPEW!!” To me, that means that the show is in a category by itself, amazing in scope and breadth, off the chart in terms of attendance and energy.

Some of my observances and experiences:

The positive retail trends that I mentioned in this blog a few weeks ago are continuing and apparently growing! I talked with so many retailers reporting positive things happening in their stores!

To add to my observations of this trend, I talked with more retailers than ever interesting in growth – either adding new stores, preparing their existing store/staff for new opportunities, or stores wanting to renew their focus on consumer education as a way to grow their sales.

You really can’t leave the natural products industry! I must have run into a dozen people that I hadn’t seen in years, ten years or more for some! How great it is to connect with connect with people of value still working along in such a great industry!

To add to all of my above points, I visited with several industry veterans that are launching or have just launched new lines – and not “me, too” lines, but ones that are truly different and innovative!

New people are enjoying what we have going on – and feeling welcome! I visited with “retailers-to-be” that came to the show in preparation of opening a store. (What a great idea!) One can see the explosion of new product and brand ideas from a walk through the Hot Trends Hall.

Meetings, dinners (and breakfasts), handshakes, hugs, card exchanges, seminars, new products, samples…… It was quite a show!


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