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NRDC helps shoppers eat local

So I admit it: I've just started reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. (Better late than never, right?) Even if you're familiar with the basic concepts -- food miles, humans=walking corn chips, etc. -- Pollan's manifesto is well worth the read. And whether it's thanks to Pollan or the sprouting beets in my own garden, I'm very into being a locavore this season, which is why I was super psyched to learn about NRDC's database of fresh, local foods. Just choose your state from the drop down menu, and get the NRDC's list of in-season produce currently available in your state, relevant recipes and produce available in bordering states. Turns out rhubarb is currently on the docket in Colorado. Guess who's going to her local grocery story to pick up cobbler fixings this weekend. Sweet.

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