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NYC targets too much salt

Good news on the salt issue: The New York Times reports that Dr. Thomas Frieden, the city's health commissioner, wants processed and restaurant foods to reduce the exorbitant amounts of salt in them: 25% less in 5 years, and 50% less in 10 years. Overly salted processed foods and restaurant meals account for 80% of the sodium consumed in the U.S., because (as we've reported before) American palates have been conditioned to like way, way more salt that is healthy or necessary. Prime offenders, Dr. Frieden says, are cheese, breakfast cereals, bread, macaroni and noodle products, cake mixes, condiments and soups. His "stealth health" plan -- reducing salt gradually -- is great, because it's not that hard to retrain your taste buds to "require" less salt. As NYC goes, so often goes the rest of the country ... so here's hoping Dr. Frieden's plan takes hold. To start reducing your own salt intake, try this easy-to-make salt-free seasoning.

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