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Old food industry needs new functional tricks

Old food industry needs new functional tricks

Hey you, food industry. Yeah, that’s right, the industry living on its laurels, and doesn’t believe in anything new. So … what’s next? Come on, we don’t have forever. Don’t have a good answer, do you? Nothing new here, move right along.

I’m going to do you a favor. I will answer that one the way I see it.

The food industry is the most uncreative industry by today’s technology standards. Companies spend nothing on advancing their competitive edge, yielding a business that still survives on vintage. Just imagine our telecom system relying on 1970s products and technologies. How very Ma Bell of you. Yet, if gold is found in a new food trend, you can guarantee the industry will react. Yes they will. They will cheat and copy. Low carb is probably the greatest most recent example. Every company got into that crazy business. They went so far as to even copy the made-up Net Carb terminology. And in the end, they killed that low carb goose. It looks like the same may be happening with fish oil. Everyone has to have it.

So, really, what’s next? After the fish oil smell and burp, that is.


Functional Convergence weaves many threads into one

To me what’s logically next is called Functional Convergence. It’s big, and it pulls together all the nutrition, supplement, food and pharma to one sector. Food with more targeted functional fortitude. Let’s face it, after the hocus pocus snake-oil claims, and marketers who don’t know the rules, food has only so much function outside taste and texture. Most of what passes for food isn’t even nutritional! But as some of us see it, putting together better functionality will equal the next phase of the health and wellness paradigm. Food has to deliver something other than diabetes to the consumer. (Perhaps it should cure diabetes instead. Right?)

Functionality is the key thing for us to look at. At least that is what I believe. Perhaps I’m one sided considering my primary role today is inventing + developing + manufacturing all the functional foods in the Zone Diet line. My patented bagels, breads, pastas, cinnamon buns, pizzas and cookies all meet the specific targeted parameters of the Zone but also target specific functional reactions – for example, inducing satiety and blood-glucose excursion. Even Consumer Reports likes them (yes, I got Consumer Reports to rate Zone as in its Top 4 with functional foods – just wait and see what I do next.)

This gets back to wanting more than a larger waistline. We’re all getting older, so how about remaining healthy and strong? How about feeling good and having energy to spare after a long day? Watch for that functional convergence. It’s new and there’s very little in the marketplace. It’s only logical. 

Yes, this is very forward thinking for the food business. And let’s face it, the business is just not that. But,  wow,  can it make a long-term effect on the human race.

Just don’t put any melatonin in the brownies.

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