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The omnivore's dating dilemma

When my husband and I started dating (gulp!) nine years ago, he was an adamant meat eater. "I lived with a girlfriend who ate nothing but salad and chickpeas," he said of his oh-so-ex vegetarian girlfriend. I had never eaten meat (I was even raised vegetarian), but I didn't feel his omnivorous ways were problematic -- after all, I could still count the number of vegetarians I knew on one hand -- but could he accept the fact that I wouldn't join him for a steak?

Turns out more couples' "special" diets are a source of conflict these days, according to an article in the New York Times. My husband eventually gave up chicken (too many weird additives and processing issues), then beef (after working on an environmental campaign in Idaho, where cows had virtually destroyed the wild landscape). I never asked him to become vegetarian. He still enjoys sushi and fish entrees from time to time. If you ask him, he'll tell you he doesn't miss meat in the least, and he feels great. The thing he notices most? "Everyone gets defensive when they find out -- it's really weird!"

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