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One way to get more vegetables into your diet

Because I never seem to get enough vegetables or fruits throughout the day, I'm a fan of the drinkable kinds. But I have to admit, juicing my own carrot or beet juice doesn't happen very often. That's why Luvli Juices caught my eye. Each of the four flavors -- Smashing Tomato, Spicy Tomato, Zingy Carrot, and Mega Beet -- provides three servings of vegetables in a 10-ounce package. (Just found something interesting when I tried to determine the current intake recommendations for fruits/veggies: the USDA's old "Five a Day" program has recently been replaced by "More Matters," which provides a "how much do you need" calculator for age, gender, and activity level. According to this, I need at least 2.5 servings of vegetables a day.) At any rate, Luvli Juices are all natural (no unpronounceable ingredients or weird sweeteners), low sodium (45mg per 8 ounces, as compared to 480mg in a traditional vegetable juice) and low calorie. And the Mega Beet even boasts omega-3s from fish oil (can't taste it). Tasty and nutritious -- exactly what I'm always looking for.

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