The only Facebook tip your natural business needs

The only Facebook tip your natural business needs

Of all the things a natural company has to worry about, what to post to Facebook shouldn't be one of them.

I get the question a lot at our NPA MarketPlace or Natural Products Expo education sessions. What do I post to Facebook? When? 

I attended a HubSpot Webinar last week that answered all of these questions. If you're not familiar with HubSpot, it's a well-respected company that provides inbound marketing software and expert advice on increasing and converting your online audience into treasured customers.

The Webinar was chock full of at least 40 facts that could improve your business' reach online. Here are five you can use right away on Facebook to improve your engagement.

What and when to post to Facebook

  1. Posts on Sunday/Saturday have more likes than during the business week.
  2. Content posted on Facebook from 6 to 10 p.m. ET gets more attention than during the day.
  3. Post length that performs well: Either very short under 30 character posts (such as a photo and one word) or very long such as 600+ words.
  4. Posts that are either very positive or very negative perform best.
  5. Saying "I" or "me" in the post has a positive correlation to more likes.

But even beyond these, there is one more statistic that you should adopt immediately.

If you do nothing else on Facebook, do this: Post photos.

Photos are the best performing types of posts on Facebook. When you combine a compelling photo with something your audience cares deeply about, you go viral.

That's what happened to our Facebook page last week when we posted a photo of plastic garbage.

Click to see the viral Facebook postFacebook newhope360 insights

To date, the post has 525 shares, 526 comments and 484 likes. The crazy thing: Only 109 shares came from our page.  

Posting this photo has taken newhope360's Facebook reach from about 5,000 people to 61,000 people in just two weeks. The chart to the right is a fancy way of showing this jump in reach and engagement.

As a result, our followers have increased and so has engagement on the photos we've posted after we went viral.

How do you find compelling photos to post?

  • Like a whole bunch of pages on Facebook and share what they post (especially if you notice the photos are already well-shared).
  • Pay attention during your morning news (sites like Grist, Huffington Post, New York Times and TakePart are good places to start.)
  • Spend some time on Pinterest. Photos galore!

Or, post a photo of a banana. It worked for Natural Foods Merchandiser!

What works for you? Share your Facebook successes in the comments.

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