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Organic can feed the world

Back in 2007, the University of Michigan told us that organic farming could feed the world. Then, in October, the UNEP followed suit, claiming that organic methods produce a greater crop yield compared with conventional methods. Now the Rodale Institute, the Pennsylvania-based farming and food research organization, is that echoing the organic call. In a new report, Rodale calls for an Organic Green Revolution.

A small study of farmers in 57 countries experienced a 79 percent increase in yield when they switched to organic farming, showing that organic may be more productive than conventional farming. To boot, organic methods restore carbon and nutrients to soil, resulting in higher nutrients in produce and more resistant plants. Likewise, a study performed on Rodale's 333-acre Pennsylvania farm showed that organically grown corn and soybeans are more resistant to drought than conventional varieties. Read why Rodale thinks organic farming can feed the world.

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