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Paws up for Dog Snacks

OliverOliver loves peanut butter (and yogurt, and flax seed -- and probably a lot of other things we won’t let him eat). Blue Dog Bakery out of Seattle, Washington recently introduced Peanut Butter & Molasses low fat, small snack dog treats. The treats include a proprietary peanut butter flavor - made from peanuts that are not a part of the peanut butter recall -- whole wheat flour, black strap molasses, sustainably grown palm oil, rolled oats, natural caramel color, egg powder, baking soda and brewer ’s yeast. They’re without animal by-products, artificial colors or flavors, preservatives or additives. Another bonus – they help make his stinky-puppy breath a little less stinky.They look really good. They have the deep molasses color of these wonderful fragrant, gingerbread cookies my aunt used to make when I was a kid. I admit to eyeing them with envy!

The founder, Margot Kenly, seems like a pretty interesting person. She left the gourmet food industry in 1998 to start Blue Dog Bakery. Her company helps over 900 animal rescue organizations across the country annually with an automatic "yes" policy for any organization involved in animal rescue. "Our customers thank us for helping out and feel good about buying our products because of it," says Kenly. Oliver is a puppy rescue dog, so this gets a big "woof" of endorsement.

Oliver likes them and has shared them with some of his more finicky canine buddies. The feedback? They get multiple "paws up". They were quickly devoured and I am happy to say that none of the dogs had any issues in digesting them.

You can find more about Blue Dog Bakery’s products at . Their dog snacks can be found at retailers across the country. You can find the store closest to you at, Blue Dog Bakery

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