Pecans for breakfast

I've been enjoying nutritious, delectable pecans all month, thanks to a packet sent by the Georgia Pecan people (November is their big month). Here's my favorite breakfast that keeps me going well into the lunch hour: Whisk 1 egg and a little milk in a shallow bowl, then add cooked brown rice, about 1/3 cup or so (not so much that it's thick). Top with a handful of broken pecans, chopped red apple, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Cover with another dish and microwave for 2+ minutes, until the egg is softly cookedy. Super delicious, healthy, and satiating.

Also, for Thanksgiving, I made this recipe for Brussels Sprouts in Sage Butter, with toasted pecans, and it was a big hit ... even for people who might otherwise sneer at brussels sprouts!

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