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Predicted beauty trends for 2010

Some are natural and some not so much, according to the latest Mintel predictions. From biochemistry to a new definition of natural, check out these four trends for 2010.

1. Mood beauty

Beyond the pleasant waft of aromatherapy, this area of personal care will try to use various ingredients, textures, temperatures, and sounds to act on your neurotransmitters and make you feel good. It also may include makeup that "switches on and off."

2. Nu natural

This trend makes a lot more sense. "Nu natural" questions labeling terms like "sustainable" and "free from," pointing out their ambiguity and noting that products making these claims can still contain harmful ingredients. It focuses on organic ingredients (there are two new natural and organic labels to look out for this year, The Natural Products Association Natural Seal and NSF International’s Made with Organic), as well as local production (one of the great trends I noticed at farmers markets this past summer, especially Vail's, was tons of locally produced lotions, lips balms, and scrubs in addition to all of that delicious fresh produce, homemade dumplings, sweet honey, savory mustards ... but I digress). Plus, this trend will look at utilizing top phytochemicals and anthocynans to protect and renew skin. Glad to see this trend making the top rankings for 2010, and I hope to see more of it.

3. Pro-tech't

Here's where personal care is getting more complicated, straying away from a "back-to-basics" approach that I saw plenty of in 2009. The trend focuses on enhanced protection from UV rays and other environmental factors. However, it's more about the marketing, packaging, and health claims than the actual product. Will it deliver?

4. Turbo Beauty 4G

This final trend will more than likely battle it out with nu natural. Turbo beauty uses biochemsitry adavances to make higher tech beauty products (think nanotechnology). Plus, turbo products will focus on medical- or pharmaceutical-grade actives.

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