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Retail support for selling brown bananas

Retailers may notice that bananas are coming in less yellow or even brown--not to worry, says Organics Unlimited, a distributor of the fruit. The difference in appearance is due to unusually low temperatures in Mexico and South America, the company says.

“Bananas need warm weather to grown and ripen properly,” says Organics Unlimited president, Mayra Velazquez de Leon in a release.  “If the temperatures drop below 56 degrees F., the bananas will experience some damage, particularly in their appearance. Chilled bananas tend to be off color, and never ripen to the bright yellow that we normally see in the markets. While we are picking the best of the production to ship to the US, it is often hard to tell prior to ripening what the appearance will be.”

The discoloration does not affect the taste or quality of the fruit. The fruit inside the peel continues to mature in the proper way, the company says. If you are experiencing complaints or confusion surrounding the altered bananas, Organics Unlimited is offering signage for retailers that explains the fruit’s appearance. For more information, visit

Brown bananas also give retailers the opportunity to demo the ubiquitous fruit. This allows shoppers to see for themselves the fruit is unadulterated and also gives retailers the chance to interact with customers.

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