Salsa for supper

Yes, another Cinco de Mayo post ... I want to mention Pace Salsas as a terrific, easy way to kick up your hot-and-spicy flavors as you cook today. I've used Pace Piquante Salsa in recipes for years; all the ingredients are recognizable and pronounceable foods, and when I'm in a hurry, it's a lot quicker than chopping all those ingredients myself (they offer an organic version, too).

The company has recently released five specialty salsas, and these are even more fun. My family loves the Tequila Lime Salsa on chips, and I know it'd be great on quesadillas and enchiladas; and I'm putting the Pico de Gallo on my scrambled eggs. Try your favorite on these supereasy Hominy Nachos or Kale and Black Bean Tacos today.

More wonderful, natural salsas I recommend: Drew's All Natural Salsa, Amy's Kitchen organic Salsas, and 505 Southwestern. The websites have good recipes, too.

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