Sea Buckthorn, baby

Can I wax poetic for a minute about my new favorite antioxidant? Sea Buckthorn is popping up in all sorts of body care products -- mostly skin care, it seems -- and it is yummy. I first dabbled in sea buckthorn after Weleda sent me samples of its delicious hand cream and body oil, which have a light citrus-like scent and velvety texture that made them instant favorites. Now I use the body oil compulsively on my roughest parts (think elbows and cuticles, people).


Despite its name, sea buckthorn has absolutely nothing to do with the ocean at all. Rather, it's a drought-resistant shrub used in food in the far East and Russia. It's currently gaining prominence in the United States for its awesome nutrient content. The fruits of the sea buckthorn are rich in amino acids and vitamin C -- it has more of this crucial antioxidant than oranges, tomatoes, and strawberries. And notably, it contains high concentrations of the antioxidant vitamin E, which accounts for its anti-inflammatory, healing properties. As Americans become more familiar with this antioxidant-laden ingredient, we're bound to see it on more and more product labels. For now, check out Weleda's fabulous line of sea-buckthorn-based products.

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