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Sencha Naturals offers additional ways to get green tea

Article-Sencha Naturals offers additional ways to get green tea

boxpear.jpgI have been trying to drink tea, preferably green tea, at some point every day. But on an early morning when variable factors aren't going your way (think lost lids, weak burner, time crunch!), heating up some water and throwing in a tea bag, a once simple task, somehow morphs into an unmanageable feat. It was on one of these tumultuous days that serene looking products from a company called Sencha Naturals whispered to me at my desk. At first I was confused. Green tea? Where? I saw no tea bag, no loose leafs. I had yet to scald myself with a hasty sip or spill half of the beverage on my week's to-do list. I soon realized the company makes these little green tea mints and bars that pack the same nutritional punch as a mug of green tea and have a fantastic, clean flavor. The mints are subtle and fresh, in flavors including original green tea, delicate pear, lively lemongrass, and morning lychee, and are packaged in small canisters containing 71 loose leaf mints. The best part: Three mints contain the same amount of EGCG (green tea's key antioxidant ingredient, epigallocatechin gallate ) as one cup of the beverage, which is approximately 75 mg. The bars contain whole grains, nuts, fruits, and seeds infused with organic green tea and make a great snack at work, one bar offering amount of EGCG in three cups of green tea. Plus, they're caffeine free so you can nosh on them all day without getting jittery. Now on those mornings when everything is going my way, I can have my green tea three ways.

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