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Simple, green kitchen tip

Easy ways to get more eco-friendly in the kitchen come up all the time--it's mostly a matter of paying attention and not doing things the way I've always done them. My latest simple switch was getting rid of (or rather, not replacing) plastic cutlery. My teen daughter takes yogurt in her school lunch every day, and up to now has taken a plastic spoon; but when we ran out recently, I told her I wasn't going to buy new ones. Instead, she could just take a regular spoon, throw it in her purse after lunch, and bring it home to wash. She put up a tiny objection, but then dropped it ... and voila, no more plastic spoons. (In a real pinch there are also recycled and recyclable plastic utensils, such as those made by Recycline.)

Simple, huh? What other ideas do you have to reduce waste?

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