Sir Richard's Condom Company unveils raw messaging

Sir Richard's Condom Company unveils raw messaging

These days, it's hard for companies to catch the eye of consumers. In our industry, it's easy to come across as too serious, which doesn't always make for memorable advertising.

Consumers are skeptical and they don't trust anyone. They're not wowed by labels and certifications, but prefer companies to tell it like it is. They also want authenticity and brands who really do good, not because they think they should to be able to tell consumers about it. 

On the messaging front, a company that is catching the attention of consumers is Sir Richard's Condom Company. Offering a new twist on an old concept, they make condoms with 100% natural latex, and which are free of spermicide, parabens and glycerin, wrapped in trendy, eye-catching packaging.

They say the product is vegan. Some commenters on this site have contested that. I can't confirm that the product is or is not, but that's not the point of this blog.

I like the cause behind the brand and their advertising. Behind the scenes, the company is focused on getting condoms into the hands of more than just millennials in the United States.

For every condom sold, Sir Richard’s donates one to a developing country. But they don’t just donate the same condoms for sale in North America, instead they work with local artists and healthcare providers to create an entirely new brand that has cultural relevance to the area in which they are making a donation. The priority is that people accept and use the condoms. Their inaugural donation of 500,000 condoms was sent to Haiti.

And then, their latest ad just makes me laugh. Sir Richard's advertising is just fun. It’s pure raw messaging, which opens up the conversation around condoms.


They don’t tout their philanthropic efforts. You’ll have to read into their mission to learn about that. Instead, they offer a refreshing and funny approach to condom marketing and the conversation around sex.

They have fun with a product and a topic that too often is considered taboo. By opening the conversation with such levity, they make buying and using condoms more accessible and approachable, which is the whole point. Hopefully, this will lead to more people around the world using condoms.

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