Smart travel food

A couple of weeks ago on a plane flight, I had the good fortune to sit next to Jerry Deutsch, president of the National Health Association (the evolution of the American Natural Hygiene Society, founded in 1948, which espoused the virtues of real food for real health -- talk about being ahead of the times!). Once we found out that we were on the same page, so to speak, our conversation was off and running. (We've quoted one of his colleagues, Joel Fuhrman, MD, in previous DL stories, like this one on childhood immunity.) But what I loved most was his smart idea for eating well while traveling: He makes soup at home and freezes it in plastic containers, then packs it in a cooler to take on the plane. The frozen soup makes it through security because it's still solid ... but by the time he wants to eat it, it's defrosted and delicious! (However, he told me that they do not allow those frozen gel packs through security; go figure.) Next time I fly, I'm going to try this with Hearty Three-Mushroom Soup or Autumn Minestra Soup.

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