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So simple yet so effective...

I lose my brain when I leave work. That means that I am pretty brainless when I go grocery shopping after work. I follow my list, pay for the goods, and get out of there, most of the time knowing I forgot something. When I get to my car, that something is obvious - those reusable sustainable tote bags I bought have gone unused again and I'm hurting the planet.

It really shouldn't be that hard - I keep them in my car, so I should remember when I get in the store to get them out and bring them in, but I just can't seem to get in the habit. I have a feeling that there are a TON of other shoppers out there that have the same issue.

Last time I went shopping, I was saved. There was a sign in the parking lot reminding customers to bring their green bags in so more plastic could be saved from the landfill. I saw the sign, turned around and took one more step to becoming one of Captain Planet's Planeteers. I didn't need a "bagnesia" kit like these women, but it worked.

The moral is this: put signs up! Your customers may be a little distracted when they go shopping and need reminders that there are eletric car-specific parking spots or that bicyclists get a discount or that their green bags are being left in their car. It's easy to be sustainable and eco-conscious as long as we all get a little reminder here and there.

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