Speaking of our favorite (energy) bars

Speaking of our favorite (energy) bars

I’m one of those people who always has something to eat hiding in my purse. And when I go hiking or skiing I’ve got a serious snack-pack in my backpack. Usually it’s some almonds or cashews and some fruit, but sometimes it’s good to have something more substantial just in case—a bar of some sort is the go-to. But when I started watching my sugar more closely due to concerns about pre-diabetes, I got very frustrated with the nutrition bar selection. 

If I found the protein content I wanted, there’d be 17g of sugar to go along with it. Complex carbs—think barley, oats, and amaranth—can be great for delivering sustained energy during workouts, but 17g of pure sugar does nothing but spike your blood sugar and lead you straight for a crash.

It’s a pain to wade through all the different choices out there, spending embarrassing amounts of time in the power foods aisle at REI reading and comparing every label. I’ve managed to find a few favorites that deliver the kind of real-food balanced nutrition that I want—Kind Bars (made with whole nuts, dried fruit, and a touch of honey), Raw Revolution bars (with hemp protein, sprouted seeds, and super greens), and Bonk Breaker (high in protein, reasonable sugar, and gluten and dairy free).

But I’m so excited that Kelsey Blackwell shared some of her favorites on Good Day Colorado yesterday. I learned about some new products and new ingredients and I can’t wait to try a few on my Grand Canyon training hikes in the coming weeks.

Get Kelsey’s detailed breakdown of the nutrition bar market here.

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