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Stock your HABA department with natural BB creams

Stock your HABA department with natural BB creams

BB creams really get me. And many of your female customers likely feel the same way. The all-in-one moisturizer, concealer, foundation and sunscreen knows that I am always busy and looking for new and effective natural beauty products, while striving to streamline my beauty regimen. It's no wonder beauty balm (BB) and color correcting (CC) creams have made a splash in the beauty industry. In fact, Cosmetics Design recently reported that demand for BB creams has helped sales growth in the the global skin care market exceed any numbers during the past five years.

These products seem like a no brainer for the Modern Woman. But which ones are best to stock in your store? 

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), an environmental health research and advocacy organization that has become known for its Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, is aware that no product is a better choice if it doesn’t use better ingredients.

The safe products watchdog recently released a new report that examined 100 BB and CC creams to come up with a list of top picks—and no-nos, providing an excellent tool to retailers that want to make the best options available to customers. The good news, reported the EWG: The right BB or CC cream can reduce exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals (fewer products equals fewer chemicals), protect from daily exposure to UV rays (many contain mineral UV protection) and help save some dinero.

So which brands topped topped the list? I was psyched to see that Andalou Naturals—a recent favorite—up there, and am looking forward to trying some of the others, including Jane Iredale’s Glow Time BB cream, SuperGoop CC Cream Daily Correct and Tarte’s BB. 

In addition to more brands offering safer options, also keep an eye out for other trends in the BB category, including male versions and a BB cream for hair that Mineral Fusion has recently released. 

Which BB or CC creams are your customers loving? Leave in the comments below or tweet me at @jessica_Rubino

Check out the complete list of the EWG’s top picks and products to avoid here.


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