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Angela Cortez's Blog

Straight from your garden to your neighbor’s kitchen

Suppose your peach tree had a bumper crop this year and you have had enough raw peaches, peach parfait, peaches ‘n cream and peach pie, but you just don’t have enough tomatoes for your daily salad. What if you could go to a Craig’s List-type website and find others in your neighborhood who want your extra peaches and have tomatoes to spare?

Now you can.

It’s what Veggie Trader is all about. It’s a new classified-ad system on the web that allows neighbors to find each other and trade, buy or sell their extra fruits and vegetables. Just go to and sign up. It’s free and only takes a minute.

There are some restrictions, including issues concerning taxes, licensing and quarantine zones, but all of that is explained on the site. It also warns its users to be cautious. Hey, listen, don’t go to someone’s house, or let them in yours. Meet in a public place and keep your personal information to yourself until you know your neighbor or fellow trader well.

Its 6,000 members are concentrated in West Coast communities in California and Oregon. After all, it’s only been around six months. But the more people who sign up and spread the word, the greater the chances will become that people in your own community will get on board and want to take your extra produce off your hands.

Hey, it’s better than letting apples rot on the ground, right?

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