Study Finds Omega-3 Fatty Acids do not manage Crohn's Disease

Science is slowly catching up to consumer interest in dietary supplements. Thousands of consumer health websites, forums and blogs detail the ability of dietary supplements to cure and treat chronic and fatal diseases, but only a handful of studies have been released thoroughly testing the efficacy of dietary supplements to treat these diseases.

Today the Journal of the American Medical Association published a story on the treatment of Crohn's Disease with Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

In this study, 188 patients received omega-3 fatty acids and 186 were given placebo. The study conclusion found: "In these trials, treatment with omega-3 free fatty acids was not effective for the prevention of relapse in Crohn disease."

Early estimates by NBJ indicate that the omega-3 fatty acid market grew 25-30% in 2007, down slightly from 2006 growth levels, but well within expected ranges of new incremental sales. In foods, omega-3 fatty acids are receiving interest from food manufacturers, but savvy consumers realize that efficacious doses are difficult to achieve through food fortification alone...unless you choose to eat a fishmeal tortilla. Tasty.

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