Sugar: It's what's aging you

In the past, researchers have linked sugar and wrinkles, as well as calorie-restricting (low-sugar) diets and longevity, and now they think they've uncovered another important clue into why sugar ages you. It all has to do with the pro-aging affects of glucose on a cellular level. According to FlexNews Food:

As part of the PLoS Genetics study, Université de Montréal Biochemistry Professor Luis Rokeach and his student Antoine Roux discovered to their surprise that if they removed the gene for a glucose sensor from yeast cells, they lived just as long as those living on a glucose-restricted diet. In short, the fate of these cells doesn't depend on what they eat but what they think they're eating.

Sure, this doesn't change the strategy for those of us trying to eat well and potentially increase longevity. But the point remains: eat less sugar, gain less weight, live longer.

Source: Over-Consumption of Sugar Linked to Aging - Study

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