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Supplement & Nutrition Industry Raw Material & Ingredient Webseminar - December 4th, 2007 - Registration Open

Registration is now open for Nutrition Business Journal's Supplement & Nutrition Industry Raw Material & Ingredient Supply Webseminar. We'll begin the live online event on December 4th, 2007 at 11am MT.

I think that this webseminar will be highly educational for any executive in or interested in the supplement & nutrition industry supply chain. So much has impacted this business in the last year - rising fuel costs, poor weather producing poor crops, currency fluctuations and China...to name a few. We'll discuss all of these issues on December 4th, completely reviewing our November RMIS issue.

NBJ is one of the few research firms that dives deep into the supplement & nutrition industry's supply chain in any significant way. Issues to be discussed will include: pricing, imports, exports, leading players, nutritionally enhanced flavors, sales and growth forecasts...and how they all relate to the complex and ever changing supply chain.

I highly recommend you sign up for this webcast.


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