Terrific cooking gifts

People often ask me what cooking tools I like the most, and during this gift-giving season, I have two immediate answers. The first, an economical and fantastic option, is a Microplane citrus tool for zesting citrus. I love using fresh zest in cooking (one of my favorite recipes is Zesty Lemon Chicken), and this tool changed my life! It makes a great, and affordable (about $12), gift. For a foodie gift that's a little pricier, I advise a really great chef's knife. My favorite is my 8-inch Henckel chef's knife, which you can find online at Amazon or MetroKitchen.com for about $95. This is an indispensable tool, and I think everyone should have at least one really decent knife in their collection. Please feel free to post your own great gift ideas for the food lover in your life!

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