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Delicious Living Blog

Top 10 health stories of 2009

Delicious Living publishes hundreds of health articles every year. Which rose to the top with our readers? Here are the top 10 health stories of 2009.

1. Choose the right probiotic. You know that these "good bugs" can aid digestion, boost immunity, and prevent infection, but do you know which particular strain will work best for your needs? Check out this guide to finding the perfect probiotic for you.

2. Everyday detox. When it comes to purging toxins, there's no need to devote multiple days to nothing but lemon water. Follow these simple, everyday steps to lessen your toxic load and increase energy.

3. Ease the pain with natural remedies. Whether you suffer from headaches or chronic pain from an injury, tending to your diet, doing certain types of exercise, and using pain-relieving alternative therapies, as well as taking anti-inflammatory herbs and supplements, can play a critical role in alleviating pain for good.

4. Beauty from within. When it comes to your appearance, what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it. Find out which key nutrients are key to improving your "glow."

5. Safe bath products for kids. If you haven't heard about the scary chemicals lurking in kids' bath products—yes, even the seemingly harmless bubble bath—then it's time you learned about safer product choices for kids.

6. Men's health alert: 4 symptoms no guy should ignore. From low sex drive to unsightly moles, learn what to look for—and what's OK to ignore.

7. Kick candida. Yeast overgrowth is a surprisingly common problem. Find out about the six best holistic fixes for candida overgrowth.

8. Antioxidant update. You've heard the buzz about these popular phytonutrients, but do you know what they are—and how they really work? Scientists reveal the latest on these nutrient superstars.

9. The stay-trim family diet. With the hectic lifestyles of most families these days, it can be especially challenging to eat well and maintain a healthy weight. This article gives best eating practices for health for the whole family.

10. Banish bad moods. OK, so we all have bad moods. But what if the foods you ate (or didn't eat) or not paying attention to certain health clues kept you cycling into "the dumps"? Here's how NOT to sabotage your mood.

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