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Morgan Bast's Blog

Top product picks from SOHO Expo

Eden Foods' Organic Apple Butter
This product mostly made our favorites' list because we simply love apple butter. It definitely didn't hurt that it was super yummy and was featured in apple cherry and only cherry versions.

BioSelect Men's personal care line
This family company is brand new to the United States with their personal care line created from an herb native to the island of Crete. One rep explained to me that the herb, Erontas in greek, means love because local boys would have to climb high into the mountains to bring it down for the girls.

Ike & Sam's Cheddar Kettlecorn
It was hard to ignore the words "cheddar" and "popcorn" on the show floor as it got later into the afternoon during the show. Ike & Sam (above) were on hand to help curb our hunger and keep us coming back for more. Yum.

ntake reusable bags
These recycled bags are made in plants in China, Mexico, and Toronto with 100 GSM with strict quality and labor standards. I'm simple though, and liked the graphics.

ReserveAge Resveratrol
Made from French grapes, Resveratrol may help in slowing the process of aging and heat disease. These are the fields where they are harvested in France, which would not make for a bad vacation.

Dr. Woods Pure Tea Tree Castile Soap
It may sound strange, but customers can wash their hair, car, face, body, and most other surfaces with this soap. I know the male consumer base will be happy with this simplicity.

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