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Two Degrees nutrition bars help feed hungry children

Two Degrees nutrition bars help feed hungry children

At our offices here in Boulder, Colo., we get inundated (in a nice way) with samples of the latest, most innovative bars: raw and vegan; free of gluten, soy, dairy, and GMOs; filled with exotic ingredients from goji berries to maté.

But for me, one bar stands out from the rest, thanks to its main ingredient: generosity. Don’t get me wrong: Two Degrees bars taste great— satisfying, chewy, not-too-sweet blends of wholesome dried fruits, nuts, seeds and grains (notably, chia and quinoa).Two Degrees bars

But more important, for every nutrition bar sold in the U.S., Two Degrees—following the buy-one-give-one business model pioneered by Tom’s Shoes—donates a high-calorie, medically formulated, portable nutrition pack to a child in need. The first food company founded specifically to fight childhood hunger, Two Degrees currently works with NGOs in Malawi, Haiti, Ethiopia and Kenya.

And from now through Oct. 16, for every Two Degrees bar sold at Whole Foods Market, donations will go directly to Somalia, a country devastated by war and an ongoing, severe famine that has put 12 million people at risk for starvation.

In our busy world, it can feel hard to figure out what one person can do to help. So I’m grateful for an (effortless) opportunity to do a little good in the course of my daily life. I think Two Degrees has a great future ahead: If you’re like me, once you learn this company’s inspiring mission, you’ll be motivated to choose it over other bars. Look for Two Degrees bars at Whole Foods and a growing number of natural markets nationwide, as well as online at

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