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Want skin smooth as butter? Try olive oil

oliveoil.jpgWe all know the feeling of stumbling our way through aisle after aisle of confusing ingredient names and misleading labels. But if you've yet to hone your labelese skills, don't fret: Start by simply looking for ingredients you recognize--and better yet, ones that you recognize as healthy--whether in food or personal care. I was pleased to recently discover two skin care products that had labels I could read sans furrowed brow. In fact, one of the main ingredients in One with Nature's Olive Oil soap and Brigit True Organics' Organic Olive Oil hand cream is also one of the healthiest in our kitchens. Olive oil is good on our salad, good for our heart, and good for our skin because of its omega 3s. These two products felt great to the touch (they're not too oily or greasy) and left my skin soft and hydrated within a day. The Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Safety Database has even given olive oil a 1 out of 10 hazard score, meaning it really is a safe, natural skin care ingredient you should look for. Brigit True Organics Deeply Nourishing Organic Olive Oil Hand cream uses a combination of shea butter, vitamin E, calendula, and certified organic and kosher olive oil that is perfect for severely chapped hands. Plus, it's 95 percent organic. The One with Nature Olive Oil bar soap has a base of vegetable and olive oils and is infused with Dead Sea minerals, aloe, shea butter, and essential oils, then wrapped in biodegradable packaging. Eco- and health-conscious? Now that's smooth.

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