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Bill Crawford's Blog

Wanted.....Rock Star......Apply Within

This past Saturday, my wife and I were poking around an outdoor shopping center in Indianapolis. (OK - I was poking around and she was on a mission, but you get the picture!) It was a pleasantly warm day for this time of year - in the mid 80's and sunny.

We saw a sandwich shop and headed towards it to get a cold drink.

On the front door was a sign - Rock Stars Wanted

Do you really think that they wanted an accomplished rock and roll musician? (I am picturing a jaded, burned-out dude who only wants green M & M's!)

I think that they wanted someone full of energy and focus, someone to bring a positive force to their job, rather than just being a warm body, taking up a place

The store was busy - and well-staffed. The staff worked as a team - communicating and coordinating. They were upbeat and having fun with each other and with the customers. The line moved quickly; the place was clean. I left impressed - and wishing I hadn't already eaten

I had to wonder if there was a connection between the way that they looked for help and the help that they had

I wonder if there is a lesson in here for our industry.....if we want to find people to offer world-class service selling the incredible products that we carry, if we would be well served to look for them in unusual ways

We certainly need to screen our applicants well and then thoroughly train those that we hire. (I am sure that the sandwich shop did!) I am thinking of what we need to do to get a good pool of applicants to start screening

I'd love to hear about and share some stories about how you've succesfully attracted good people to your store!

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